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Livestock sheep/mouton farming is practiced in all provinces throughout South Africa, but is traditionally concentrated in the more arid regions of the country. Although the income derived from sheep farming is modest compared to other animals produced here, e.g. poultry, the sheep industry is vital in the rural and arid regions of South Africa.

In South Africa, sheep breeds are a mix of the hairy indigenous breeds, fat-tailed and fat-rumped breeds, and South African developed composite ‘exotic’ breeds, such as the SA mutton Merino. Depending on the breed, sheep can be used for fibre, using wool and hair, as well as for meat production, or are sometimes used to produce dairy products.

Dorpers were created in South Africa in 1942 by crossing imported Dorset Horn Rams onto Persian Black Headed Ewes thus creating a hardy, prolific milky breed with excellent vigour and maternal traits. A breed standard and society were set up in 1950 and it is from these standards that the modern Dorper sheep has derived from. Along the way White sheep were produced which in turn became understandably White Dorpers.


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